Welcome To Mac Tíre Bushcraft

There are as many reasons as there are people, for wanting to really connect with nature. It is not for me to question the why, but to try to help you with the how.

Our bushcraft courses are set in the ancient and awe inspiring landscapes of the west of Ireland. Along its rugged coastline, through its woodland, and its beautiful waterways, you will learn to experience first hand, many skills past and present.

The name Mac Tíre is the name given by the Irish language to the Wolf; an animal long departed from our land; hunted to extinction in centuries past. Directly translated to English Mac Tíre means “son of the land”. It is my hope and belief that the spirit of the Wolf is still strong in the people who live here; we are all son’s and daughter’s of the land. So our past may become a living part of our ever present.

Mac Tire Bushcraft Kids Courses


The children learn about fire and fire safety, how to build natural shelters. They learn about the woodland’s plants and trees and the animals that live there. They work together to collect bark and firewood and learn about stalking and camouflage. They test their skill at archery and learn new woodland games.

Mac Tire Bushcraft Teens Courses


This camp is suitable for boys and girls, who are ready for a week of fun and exploration through practicing and learning the many skills of bushcraft. On Thursday morning the tipi’s are set up and the real camping begins. A long day of activity reaches into the night around the camp fire where everyone gets a chance to show their talents.

Mac Tire Bushcraft Family Courses


On our overnight famiy bushcraft course you will enjoy the comfort of the camp fire as you sleep out under the night sky. Develop your bushcraft skills through knife craft; firecraft; stoves and camp cooking; shelter building; learning about the many plants, trees and animals living in the woodland and much more..

Mac Tire Bushcraft Adult Courses

Bespoke Courses

Mac Tíre Bushcraft can organise bespoke courses, tailored to your own individual requirements.
Examples of other courses offered include;
Scouting Backwoods
Home School Groups
Birthday Parties
Youth Organisations
We are also available for specialist groups and one to one tuition.